“We’re fortunate to have excellent local meat slaughtered locally”

says Elisabeth Luard in  “A Cook’s Year in a Welsh Farmhouse”

  • We are firm believers in quality and provenance, and that’s why all of our cattle, lamb and pigs are locally sourced and hand-selected for slaughter.
  • We have forged strong links with a select group of local farmers, who produce livestock specifically to our requirements and exacting standards.
  • All livestock are traditionally reared and nurtured using an agreed breeding, feeding and production programme. Livestock graze on the lush and fertile pastures of the West Wales coast, where the high rainfall, mild climate and prevailing westerly sea wind ensures grass is plentiful and rich in nutrients, giving our meat its distinct sweet and succulent flavour.

This is what makes our meat special and tastier than any other”

  • The livestock farmers we work with are all renowned for their ability to produce the finest quality meat from grass.
  • Welfare standards are high, and are approved to Farm Assured Welsh Livestock standards.
  • All livestock is slaughtered at the local abattoir, which is governed by the Meat Hygiene Service.
  • Because we use local farms, local slaughterhouse and our own preparation facilities, our beef, lamb and pork, is produced and prepared in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • By keeping our ‘food miles’ to an absolute minimum, you can enjoy our meat, safe in the knowledge that not only does it taste delicious, but that it’s also absolutely traceable and trustworthy.
  • From the Abattoir the meat is returned to the Unit and prepared in our own temperature controlled vehicles. 
  • Beef is hung for about 28 days, and lamb for 7-10 days. Hanging, or maturation, improves the tenderness of meat and subsequently, the flavour and eating quality.   Any meat maturation is however, dependent on the controlled environment and temperature in which it is kept.  The facilities at our Butchery, allow us to do so in ideal conditions.