“We were bursting at the seams” so, in 2003 we opened a purpose-built Butchery Unit at the farm.  What was originally designed to provide additional preparation area has actually proved an essential asset to the growth of our business; it is now the site where all meat and meat products are prepared, ready to be sold in the shop or to the catering trade. It allows us to concentrate on the retail element in our shop, and focus on serving and helping our customers.  The “heavy” work is done in the Unit where facilities are desgined with ease of handling in mind. From the Abattoir the meat is returned to the Unit as

  • quartered bodies of beef which are then hung to mature and develop in flavour for 21 days or more.    The temperature controlled environment allows the enzymes to break down the muscle fibres, thus concentrating the flavour and tenderizing the meat. Beef is then boned out and prepared as joints and cuts
  • Whole carcasses of lamb are hung for 7-10 days to mature before being butchered and boned.
  • Pig carcasses are butchered and prepared, either as pork joints, cured for bacon and gammon and made into a variety of our own recipe sausages.

The hanging or maturation of meat, improves the tenderness and eating quality.   Maturation is dependant on the controlled environment and temperature it is kept and the facilities and conditions at our unit allow us to do so.