We pride ourselves in producing the finest quality sheep, and, subsequently, the finest quality lamb for the butchery business.  Our commercial flock comprises mainly Lleyn and Welsh Mule ewes, which are crossed with our own home-bred Beltex rams, to produce the shapely, meaty lamb required for the shop.  Our lambs are reared on the mother and mature slowly and gradually on grass, with a little concentrate, as required. Other reputable farmers in the Ystwyth Valley will produce lambs, by contract to our specification.   Although lamb is a seasonal product by nature, and therefore difficult to obtain as a quality product in the late winter months, we can “finish” our own lambs gradually throughout the year as is required.
We also have an arrangement with small group of local farmers who will “finish” lambs for us to our particular specifaction through the late autumn and winter months.  Due to this system of lamb production, we are able to retain the quality and flavour of the meat throughout the year and are therefore, able to produce prime lamb throughout the year, providing consistent quality for our customers.