A local business



supplying locally sourced produce, to local customers, employing local staff, supporting the local community



As a local business with local customers, we understand the real meaning and importance of local community. Our customers and local support is the lifeline of our business, so we strive to get involved with our community as possible:



Steffan recognizes the contribution rugby,  Aberystwyth Rugby Club, and being a member of a team,  has played not only in the development of his rugby skills but also in the formation of his character and his determination to succeed. He is extremely proud to run out at Plascrug in the Aberystwyth Club shirt on a Saturday afternoon and takes great pleasure in seeing his customers on the touchline supporting the team.

The Rattrays, are all members of the Young Farmers Club and take an active role in supporting the work of the movement.   The stockjudging skills developed through the YFC movement is a skill that enrichens the knowledge of every stockman in identifying quality stock and expressing their reasons for doing so, giving them the confidence to stand behind their judgement.