Where has the time gone!!! Left school at 16, was offered a job with Maldwyn and his sister Emma of the Morgan family in North Parade and never looked back. Maldwyn and I today reminisced of the good old days…we both agreed I’d been lucky to have served my apprenticeship with Mr Kraiche…who was also employed at Morgans’….a man before his time. A pay-packet of £40 a week was a fortune for me as a lad of 16 and I would save half of it and have a real good time on the other half. My parents didn’t speak to me for a fortnight, when I refused to go back to further my education!!. 19 months with the Morgans family, then 9 and a half years at Bookers before opening my own shop in 1991. The rest is history……. Thank you Maldwyn for opening that door for a rebellious young lad!